Events and Shows

Drug Story Theater performs for middle and high school audiences during the school day so that "the treatment of one becomes the prevention of many." DST also performs Community Shows at night so that parents, caregivers, task forces, coalitions, first responders, service clubs and other members of the community can learn about the effects alcohol and drugs can have on the adolescent brain.

The show is approximately 40 minutes in length and is performed by real teens and their family members; these are not professional actors. The cast comes out of character three times during the performance to teach the audience about the adolescent teenage brain and why it is at the greatest risk for life-long addiction. “Talk Back” sessions include interactive Q&A with the performers and students after the performance, moderated by DST’s founder, Dr. Joseph Shrand. DST collects pre-and post-show data, with preliminary results suggesting a shift in perception of the addictive powers of drugs and alcohol with a reduction of substance use 30 days after seeing a show.