Drug Story Theater has performed over 30 shows for Middle and High school audiences in Plymouth, Norfolk, Bristol and Barnstable Counties. These shows were performed in-house at the middle and high schools, as well as for a crowd of over 900 students from many surrounding towns at New Bedford's Ziterion Theater.

Schools must have a stage, sound system and a projector/screen. DST provides its own wireless microphones. The standard cost for a DST show is $3,000, although if additional travel is required, that price could change. DST will work with each school's appointed contact person to ensure a seamless and smooth performance.

"DST delivers a strong message because it is adolescents talking to adolescents. There is an immediate connection that occurs because everything is relevant, students dial in and are challenged by their peers."

Principal Bob Keuther, Marshfield High School

“The fact that they were so close in age struck me. They show how it goes from an innocent experience, like smoking weed or drinking, to a full blown addiction. It just showed how it transpired.”

Jason Darcy a student who viewed a Marshfield, MA performance.